WidsMob AVIF

All-rounded AVIF Converter, Editor and Viewer that supports AVIF and Animated AVIF (AVIFs). It enables you to convert PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, RAW, WebP, HEIC to AVIF or vice versa. Moreover, you can convert animated WebP or GIF to AVIFs.

WidsMob AVIF User Guide

To take full advantage of AVIF files, WidsMob AVIF is an one-stop solution to manage the new generation file formats. Competes with HEIC, AVIF is another photo format with HEIF container format, which specification for storing images or image sequences compressed with AV1. Because of the excellent features of AVIF file format, which boasts better quality than JPEG and is smaller in size. It is widely used for websites. But it is difficult to find the desired AVIF viewer or converter. WidsMob AVIF enables you to view the AVIF/AVIFs, rotate/flip different photo formats, add watermarks to images, convert AVIF/AVIFs to other file formats, and vice versa according to your requirements.

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View AVIF/AVIFs in Two Different Modes

Most photo viewers and photo editors does not support the AVIF or AVIFs, you have to download and install WidsMob AVIF to manage the file foramts. Just learn more about how the all-in-one AVIF toolkit can do for you.

View AVIF/AVIFs and Others in Thumbnail

الخطوة1: Launch WidsMob AVIF after installation. Click the أضف button to select the desired images, including AVIF, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and more photo formats. Moreover, you can directly drag and drop your images into the desired area.

Launch AVIF Win

الخطوة2: Once you have imported the images, it enables you to preview the animated AVIFs, check the histogram, and show you the image properties. Moreover, you can also delete the unwanted one from the program via the حذف .

View AVIF in Thumbnail

Browse AVIF/AVIFs and More in Full Screen

الخطوة1: After importing the AVIF files into the program, you can double-click the file to view it on full screen. Moreover, you can click the تحول button at the bottom right corner to enter the image-editing window.

الخطوة2: To browse another AVIF image, you can select the image in the thumbnail. Slide the mouse wheel or click the زوم button at the bottom right corner to zoom in and view the details of the AVIF files.

View AVIFs in Full Screen

Convert AVIF/AVIFs to Others, or Vice Versa

Besides converting the downloaded AVIF files to another file format, such as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF, you can also convert the AVIFs to animated GIF. Of course, you can use the AVIF converter to reduce the file size for the images on your websites.


الخطوة1: When you need to convert AVIF/AVIFs to JPG/PNG/BMP/TIF, you can import the desired images and make some changes. After that, click the تحويل دفعة واحدة button to convert AVIF/AVIFs.

الخطوة2: Choose the still image file format, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIF. When you need to reduce the file size, you can adjust the slider for the quality. After that, click the تحول زر لحفظها.

ملاحظة: If you need to convert AVIFs to JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIF, it will save a series of still images according to the frame. Of course, you can apply the same method to convert JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIF to AVIF with the same process.

Convert AVIF to JPG

Convert AVIFs to GIF, or Vice Versa

الخطوة1: After editing the GIF files, you can click the تحويل دفعة واحدة button to save the animated GIF to AVIFs. Of course, you can save AVIFs to animated GIFs with the most advanced GIF color algorithm.

الخطوة2: Choose the file format as GIF from the drop-down list. It will convert AVIFs to GIF with animation. You can adjust the duration of the animated files to make the optimal effect before conversion.



When you need to use the AVIF or AVIFs files on your websites, besides the file conversion, you can also crop the desired part, add some text watermark to protect the private, rename the output file, rotate them in batch, and more. Just learn more about the features below.


الخطوة1: Select the AVIF you need to crop in the thumbnail. Click the محصول icon at the top right of the image to cut out the desired part. It will direct you to the crop window to extract the photo accordingly.

الخطوة2: Enter the detailed parameters for عرض, الطول, Xو Y to cut out the desired image. Moreover, you can also crop the photo directly to scale. Just tap the drop-down box of the ratio and select the ratio you want.

الخطوة3: There are different presets to crop the AVIF files, you can choose the مربع option or others from the drop-down list before clicking the حفظ باسم button at the bottom right corner to save the cropped AVIF.

Crop AVIF File


الخطوة1: To rotate and flip the photos taken by smartphone, you can enable the استدارة وانعكاس option in the left menu bar. It provides different modes to turn the images into the desired orientation easily.

الخطوة2: أختر دوران لليسار, دوران لليمين، أو 180 ° to apply the orientation for all the files. There are flip options for أفقي و عمودي, which you can get the instant preview in the right window.

الخطوة3: When you need to rotate and flip the AVIF files in batch, you can click the تحويل دفعة واحدة button and choose the desired file format. When you get the settings done, you can click the تحول .

Rotate AVIF

Resize AVIF/AVIFs in 4 Modes

Resize AVIF Files by Width

الخطوة1: Choose the desired AVIF/AVIFs you want to resize, you can enable the تغيير حجم الخيار ، وحدد بالعرض option from the drop-down list. It will convert photos to the same width in batch.

الخطوة2: Enter the desired pixels for width and resolution. If there are some small photos you want to resize, you can check the تكبير الصور الصغيرة الخيار قبل النقر فوق تحويل دفعة واحدة .

الخطوة3: Choose the output folder for the resized images, and select the desired file format. If you need to save AVIFs to JPG/PNG/BMP/TIF file, it will save each frame of the AVIFs to a photo file accordingly.

Resize AVIF Batch

Resize AVIF Files by Height

الخطوة1: When you select the desired AVIF/AVIFs, you can enable the تغيير حجم option in the left menu bar. Select the بواسطة الارتفاع mode and enter the detailed height in pixels and resolution in pixels/inch to resize images.

الخطوة2: انقر على تحويل دفعة واحدة button to resize the AVIF/AVIFs in batch. After that, you can choose the desired file format, such as JPG from the drop-down list. Moreover, you can adjust the file quality for the output.

الخطوة3: If you save the converted AVIF to the same folder in AVIF file format, you can check the Overwrites exist files اختيار. بعد ذلك ، يمكنك النقر فوق تحول button to replace the original ones.

Resize AVIF Height

Free to Resize AVIF/AVIFs

الخطوة1: To adjust all the parameters, you can enable the تغيير حجم option in the left menu bar and choose the مجاني mode from the drop-down list. It will provide the width, height, and resolution parameters for resizing.

الخطوة2: Once you have entered the desired parameters for a certain size, make sure the photos are not compressed. Of course, you can also use the محصول feature to cut out the unwanted parts from the original images.

الخطوة3: عندما تكون جاهزًا ، يمكنك النقر فوق تحويل دفعة واحدة button and save them in JPEG or AVIF files. After that, you can adjust the other parameters and click the تحول button to save the files on your computer.

Free Resize AVIF

Resize AVIF Files by Percentage

الخطوة1: Select the desired AVIF/AVIFs images in the program, find the تغيير حجم option in the left menu bar and click the تفعيل اختيار. حدد ملف بالنسبة المئوية option from the drop-down mode.

الخطوة2: If you just need to reduce the file size to a certain degree, you can simply enter the desired parameter in the نسبة مئوية column. Enter the desired resolution to shrink the size of the images.

الخطوة3: When you want a smaller file, you can also adjust the slider of the quality. You can also check the image type, image size, and more from the preview window before clicking the تحويل دفعة واحدة .

Resize AVIF Percentage


الخطوة1: قم بتمكين ملف إعادة تسمية option on the left menu to save the converted AVIF images as another name. It will replace the original file if you simply convert AVIF to JPEG/PNG or vice versa.

الخطوة2: Enter the Prefix, Suffix, or both to save the output files with new names. If you just need to replace some of the photos, you can enter the number with the تبدأ option to save the files.

Rename AVIF in Batch

Add Watermarks to AVIF/AVIFs

الخطوة1: When you want to protect the AVIF/AVIFs, you can enable the نص، واترمارك option in the left menu bar. After that, you can enter the desired watermark text into the column accordingly.

الخطوة2: Adjust the font, style, color, opacity, size, angle, and position of the watermark. It enables you to preview the instant effect within the right window. For the AVIFs, you can check the effect frame by frame.

الخطوة3: Since the watermark will be applied to all the photos, you can navigate to the other photos via the thumbnail. After that, you can click the تحويل دفعة واحدة button to save the output files with watermarks.

Add Watermark to AVIF
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